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April 22nd Silverlake Sessions

HUGE shoutout to the space @treehousecolive for your kindness and generosity in making this earth day Silverlake Sessions a reality! Please check them out for any future fun community events and keep them in mind for all your co-living needs!

Artists of the night:

Lisa LaBella

Gillian Grassie |

Simon Huber

Bodacious Thang

Jaden LaRue

Billy Galewood

And as always, thank you to our lovely volunteers!

February 22nd Silverlake Sessions

We are so blown away by our unique community and all of the wonderful people that come together every month to share this intimate experience. We are so grateful to our friend Phil at Swing House Studios for making this night possible! Our lovely artists of the eve:

Lisa LaBella if you want voice lessons from this powerful woman!

Simon Huber

Ameet Kanon
Instagram: @ameetkanon
Twitter: @ameetkanon
Facebook: Ameet Kanon music

Jaden Larue
Social Media: @jadenlarue |


Smoky Knights | @smokyknights


January 6th Silverlake Sessions

What a spectacularly intimate evening in our very own birthplace, Silverlake at the Black Cat! Thank you again for hosting us :)

This evening's lineup included:

Moira Mack
Instagram: @msmoiramack
Twitter: @msmoiramack

Mike Kaiser

Sean Fleming

Joe Marson & Lucy Clearwater

So lucky to share these nights with such a beautiful community of people! Thank you to everyone that was a part of this evening!

December 1st Silverlake Sessions

Extra special thank you to Elia Petridis for hosting such a unique session and serenading us to wrap up the night. Other fantastic artists of the evening include:

Lisa LaBella for all your voice lesson needs!

Simon Huber


Jaden LaRue
@jadenlarue |

Ryan Dilmore

Nico Franc

As always, a very warm thank you to our incredible team of volunteers that make these nights possible <3 


October 4th Silverlake Sessions

Thank you for joining us for a very special mind-blowing evening with:

Olivia Grace

Social media:

She has a show on Wednesday, October 11th- The Standard in West Hollywood-7:30 pm! 


Molly Durand

Scarlet Sage EP Coming out Soon!

Solo stuff:


Anthony Starble

insta: @anthonystarble


twitter: @anthonystarble


Jaden LaRue

insta: @jadenlarue


Dave Yaden

insta: @daveyaden


Ben Matin


Instagram:     and @benmatinmusic

facebook:     and @benmatin



And special thanks to The Black Cat! Until next time !

September 9th: Silverlake Sessions

Thanks again for yet another special and memorable evening of music! And a very special thanks to @521_the_living_room for having us! Follow your favorite artists of the night:

Patrick Joseph:

Instagram: @patrickjosephmusic

Twitter: @patrickjoseph


Upcoming show: birthday show Friday October 6th @ The Hotel Cafe - 11pm 


Molly Durand:

Check out her band Scarlet Sage, EP coming out soon:

Solo stuff:

Jaden LaRue:


Jackson Singleton:


The Space- 521 The Living Room


And for all your eco-conscious hair needs:



June 8th: Silverlake Sessions

Once again, we owe it to you guys for such a magical evening. Follow your favorite artists from the night here:

Max Embers:

See him at The Mint on June 24th at 8:15 PM or at Berklee Night at Bar Lubitsch on July 3rd at 10:30 PM. 

Instagram: maxembersmusic

Ryan Dilmore

check out his new album here

Itanza Saraz


Instagram- @itanzasaraz 


Lisa LaBella :

email for voice lessons!

Smoky Knights:

See them every Sunday this summer at the Lincoln in Venice! (4-8pm)

or at The Roxy on July 29th!

Jaden LaRue:


Special thanks to John for hosting us :) 

May 13th: Silverlake Sessions

Thanks for another night of beautiful music, beautiful people, & beautiful vibes. 

Very Special thanks to Studio 521 for hosting such a lovely mood-lit session. 

Studio 521 is an intimate studio for creatives:

---Instagram: @521_the_living_room 

---Designer: Steve @sub_folk_collective 

Visit Deborah at Crop Salon in Highland Park for all your hair wants & needs!



Follow & Support your favorite artists of the night:

Gyasi Ross

Listen to his album:

Instagram: @gyasirossmusic



Mo Safren:

Instagram: @mosafren

Go to his show this Sunday 5/21 at Silverlake Lounge 8pm


Ryan Dilmore:

Listen to his new EP "Return To Color"


Jaden LaRue





Lisa LaBella:

Email for voice lessons!



SPECIAL THANKS to our volunteers: OscarGinaKevin & Razzy

April 7th: Silverlake Sessions

Thanks for another magical evening of coming together to share & connect through music.

Follow & support your favorite artists of the night:


Allie Gonino:

Follow her on instagram @go_nino



Instagram: @Chrysanthetan



Rebecca Peters:


Hannah Connolly:

find her on Spotify (link:  

connect with her on Instagram @hannahhconnolly


Joe Marson:

Instagram: @joemarson



Instagram: @zealyn

Zealyn will be performing at Broke LA Festival April 8th at 8:45pm, and at The Roxy's benefit concert May 11th. She will also begin releasing new music end of April.


Jaden LaRue


SPECIAL THANKS to our volunteers: OscarGinaKevin & Razzy

March 3rd - Silverlake Sessions

Recently, we had quite an intimate and wonderful night at the March 3 Silverlake Sessions.  A special thanks to Podshare for allowing us to host an event in their amazing space! Podshare is a unique space that is all about bringing strangers together and this helped create the vibe of the night. We saw old faces and a lot of new ones, so thank you to all who came and opened up to the music and new friends!


You can connect and support your favorite artists of the night via the list below:


Strings of Thought:

Follow them on instagram as @stringsofthought or @theredweddings

Individual Socials:  @caitlinbird3651 ; @jamieshadowlight ; @da_salo ; @pedrotalaricomusic 


Smoky Knights:

Free show this Friday March 10th at Lot 1 with Juju Blooms

EP Release Show at El Cid April 7th



Chris Lind:

Fri 3/10 at 8pm at The Silverlake Lounge (full band show) - fb event link


Dave Yaden:



India Carney:

Instagram: @india_carney
Twitter: @indiacarney


Jaden LaRue

Jaden currently has music free for download on her website. Be sure to check out her newest song "Ebb & Flow".

SPECIAL THANKS to our volunteers: OscarGinaKevin & Razzy

Artist Lineup: January 11th Silverlake Sessions

We'd like to thank everyone for helping create another magical night of music and friends! 

Follow & Support your favorite performers of the night:

Orchid Quaret

 See them at their debut at: Westworld Monday at The Spare Room 

When: Monday, January 16  Time9:30pm

Follow this link for more information


Peter and the Lion

 See them at the HOPE FOR SYRIA event - A Benefit Concert for SAMS

When: Saturday, January 14 Time: Show starts at 8pm (They're on at 10pm)

Follow this link for more information 


Anna Pancaldi 

 Anna's brand new EP 'Sweet Charity,' is being released on March 20th, 2017.

 Check out her website here 


Jaden LaRue

Jaden currently has music free for download on her website. Be sure to check out her newest song "Ebb & Flow".

Check out her website here


SPECIAL THANKS to our volunteers: Oscar, Gina, Kevin & Razzy




Artist Lineup: December 14th Silverlake Sessions

Recently, we had some incredible artists perform at our December 14, 2016 Silverlake Sessions event.  A special thanks to Nous Tous for allowing us to host an event in their spectacular gallery! You can connect and support your favorite artists of the night via the list below:

Naomi Greene-

Connor Pledger-

Lisa Ritchie-

Joe Marson-

Gabriel Gordon-

Jaden LaRue - 

Food Vendor:  Let's Taco 'bout it

Artist Lineup // OCT 10 // MRG Fine Art Studios

Hi all!

We had yet another successful night of phenomenal music, and incredible audience and delicious food & drink!  

Follow & Support your favorite performers of the night:


Mike Stocksdale

Lauren Ruth Ward

The Red Weddings

FOOD TRUCK:  Wholesam

PHOTOG:  Gena Mogwish

LOCATION:  MRG Fine Art Gallery - Sherman Oaks

SPECIAL THANKS to our volunteers:  Michelle Young, Oscar Hernandez, Eli Reyes, Lisa LaBella & Nicole Serrato.

Artist Lineup: July 9th Silverlake Sessions & LokBox Event

Recently we teamed up with LokBox to put on an impromptu show at The Market in Highland Park.  The talent of the evening was phenomenal and each person in attendance added to the awesome vibe of the night.  You can connect and support your favorite artists of the night via the list below:

Leena Regan -

Mark Carey -

Sky Renee -

Michael McGehee -

Lucy LaForge -

Jesse Montana -

Dave Yaden -

Jaden LaRue -

Food Vendor:  Let's Taco 'bout it

Special thanks to Oscar Hernandez, Nicole Serrato, Michelle Young, Let's Taco Bout it and Jenny Loi.  <3  


June 4 // MRG Fine Art Studios // Sherman Oaks

Still feeling a buzz off of Saturday night's incredible line-up of talent and the quality folks that filled the room, mingled and connected with one another.  We couldn't be more thrilled about how the night went and are forever grateful to MRG Fine Art for allowing us to use their space in collaboration with their visual artist on display.  You can find/follow/support the artists by click on the links below.  This blog post will be updated to include YouTube videos of each artists's performance as they come available. 

Gallery:  MRG FINE ART // Sherman Oaks, CA

Visual Artist:  Joshua Hashemzadeh

Musician Line-up (in the order that they performed):

Lisa LaBella - Opera singer

Alejandro Aranda // Instagram

Caitlyn Cope // Instagram

Jaden LaRue // Instagram // Twitter

Chris Bratten (piano) & Michael Thomas Grant (vocal)

Joe Gillette // Instagram // Twitter

Sarah Petrella // Instagram 

A special thank you to our food vendor Let's Taco 'Bout It providing delicious, organic, vegan/vegetarian tacos all night!  

To see (all) PHOTOS from the evening, CLICK HERE






The Year Ahead

Hey All!

We're looking forward to the year ahead and all of the wonderful music, spoken word and art we have in store for you!  We've put together a spotify playlist of musicians we have booked for upcoming sessions and some from those that have graced us with their talents at past shows.

CLICK HERE for the SPOTIFY playlist

Remember, the only way to stay "in-the-know" about upcoming shows & events is to be on our Mailing List.  So head over and sign up if you aren't already and be sure to check your spam filter to ensure you get our love notes. <3