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June 4 // MRG Fine Art Studios // Sherman Oaks

Still feeling a buzz off of Saturday night's incredible line-up of talent and the quality folks that filled the room, mingled and connected with one another.  We couldn't be more thrilled about how the night went and are forever grateful to MRG Fine Art for allowing us to use their space in collaboration with their visual artist on display.  You can find/follow/support the artists by click on the links below.  This blog post will be updated to include YouTube videos of each artists's performance as they come available. 

Gallery:  MRG FINE ART // Sherman Oaks, CA

Visual Artist:  Joshua Hashemzadeh

Musician Line-up (in the order that they performed):

Lisa LaBella - Opera singer

Alejandro Aranda // Instagram

Caitlyn Cope // Instagram

Jaden LaRue // Instagram // Twitter

Chris Bratten (piano) & Michael Thomas Grant (vocal)

Joe Gillette // Instagram // Twitter

Sarah Petrella // Instagram 

A special thank you to our food vendor Let's Taco 'Bout It providing delicious, organic, vegan/vegetarian tacos all night!  

To see (all) PHOTOS from the evening, CLICK HERE